Tuesday, June 13

Tuesday: Brown

Ah- my favorite shade of brown: the color of a perfectly mixed cup of coffee and half and half. Even better is Coffee with Whipping Cream- so rich!- but it gives me heartburn, and I am taking that as a sign from my body that I really don't need to drink that.

I got my Coffee press after a foray into Laura and John's world of Coffee. It is now one of my favorite kitchen items- and much better than the automatic coffee maker (which seems to have found a permanent home under the kitchen cabinet) which takes up cabinet space.

While I am posting I thought I might show you more terminally cute photos of my wonderful niece: Haydn. I got to baby sit for a couple hours today while my sister when to a job interview. We had fun. Basically we watched Elmo, looked at pictures of baby Haydn, jumped on the bed (just a little!) and took a walk through the yard. She was very impressed with our "Barn" in back. She also regaled me with her very own version of "O Worship the King" using our TV antenna as a microphone.


Olivia said...

She's beautiful! And this particular shade of brown is also my favorite - that lovely tan color of a great cup of coffee with cream! :o)

Shirley said...

I was just telling Uncle David today that we needed to see more photos of Haydn.

We are very proud of our adorable great niece; and, proud of all our grown nieces, too!