Thursday, June 15

Thursday: Blue

Blue Thursday!

So why on earth am I showing you empty water bottles? Well, we have a little problem with bunnies. They keep nibbling on the greens in our garden (we've had far fewer spring peas this year and I think it's because of the nibbling bunnies). So Josh found a suggestion that we put vinegar in a botle with holes in it. Somehow that was supposed to make the bunnies stay away. I don't think it's working.

And these are the squash plants that our neighbors planted (they used some of our garden space since we'd tilled up the ground and we hadn't planted anything in the corner. The squash plants got really big really fast and the flowers are a beautiful, vibrant yellow. I wish I had gotten a better picture.

And this is a piture I took of the flowers in the bot outside my kitchen door. At first I was mad because it is all blurry, but I still kind of like it. I also like this one:

I love summer and spring because you can really watch things changing. In the winter you can't see any difference from one day to the next. It's just cold. But when you can watch plants come up and see them bloom and produce... it's really satisfying. I think that's why winter seems to drag on forever.

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