Wednesday, June 28

A post about something...

Well, I guess that there isn't really all that much going on, but there also is.
  • Josh FINISHED his thesis! Amazing! I guess I have to buy him a Kayak now...
  • The National Storytelling Conference is in two and a half weeks and I am suddenly realizing that I am a bit behind! Got to get some press releases out and a Display made for the grants program!!
  • I get a half day off on Friday, as well as Monday and Tuesday! I love holidays! What will I do with all my time off? I have no idea!
  • I have had a hankering for a little Lyle Lovett lately (I love aliteration!)... anyone want to share some music?
  • I've decided to try and make skirts out of some of my pants... rather than buy new ones I might as well refashion what I already have! Don't worry I will post photos if I do make this attempt.

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stefanie said...

gratz to josh!!