Sunday, May 21

In the garden

It's been a while since i last posted, so I am including a lot of pictures. I figured that might help you forgive me for having been boring for a while. The last two weeks have been pretty busy. I took a class and had to teach Kindergarten. I did a lot more teaching than expected because the teacher was in and out a lot. On friday her mother fell and broke her hip as the day was beginning, so the assistant and some other woman (who was out more than in) and I taught class. Very interesting experience. Above is the Monkey Hat match game. the kids were supposed to match the monkey with the color word to the hat of the correct color. It was fun to make. I like the dancing monkeys.

This is my Portacula- I am growing it in a box on my porch. i just love the colors- all the corals and pinks! It has rained like crazy here for hte last two weeks and they are getting lots and lots of water so the blooms just keep on coming.

This is Josh in the garden. We have a small backyard, but he managed to plow up a pretty good chunk of it. He is adding yarn to the bean poles so the peas and pole beans can climb up it. Josh hung up pie pans to keep the birds away, but they don't seem to be working. He ad to yell out the window at a bird in the garden this morning- I don't think it did any good. I don't think anything is actually eating our plants, though. My Mom's garden seems to be subject to some bunnies lately. They've been eating the leaves right off her plants.
This is a view of Josh from behind the pea plants. I think it is a neat picture, so i put it on here. Occasionally my $15 wal-mart digital keychain camera does take interesting pictures!

This is our lettuce- it's coming up quick and I am looking forward to some salad this summer!

And these are the carrots. We tried carrots last year and we got lots of green leaves and not enough root to even make the carrot. The roots were a little orange-ish, though. I guess that's something. I am hoping for a better turn out this year. Josh doesn't like carrots (though he might eat them on principal if he is th eone who actually grew them... hmmm) so I will probably be eating whatever comes out.

Well, I hope this was at least somewhat interesting- i love watching the seeds sprout and grow. Especially the peas! I'm excited that the peas will be here soon. They are always very expensive in the grocery store, so I don't buy them. Besides, they are best when they are still warm from the sun, seconds off the vine! MMMMM!

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Randy said...

Your first picture reminds me of Curious George. Sami and Levi did not want to go see that "kiddie" movie, so Susan and I went with out them. Only flaw I noted was that they gave the man in the yellow hat a name. I could live with that. Good family fun movie if you have not seen it.