Wednesday, March 1

Lots of time to think

I have had lots of time to think in the last few days. Mostly because I have been stuck at this house (stupid car) trying to unpack boxes and get my office set up.

Part of the result of this quiet (I have intentionally delayed setting up my TV- partly because we don't have cable anyway, but also because of the following) time has been more Bible study. I've got several little devotional books that people have given me that I never looked at so I've been looking at them.

I have been paying attention to my cousin Luke's blog for the past few weeks. He's had a couple of really interesting posts on the church of Christ. My favorite has been this latest one.
I have also been paying attention to my Dad's blog. I had to show him how to post on it because he forgot. He's been posting a lot lately,though.

The result: I have been thinking about the KJV fanatics and about my personal study ethics. Not that those two are terribly related.

The KJV fanatics really seem more fearful of using other versions than actually convicted that the KJV actually has some serious merit that other versions don't. (does that make sense?) I think it's like Luke's post- much of this is a matter of attitude and focus. The belief that the KJV has some sort of major edge over other versions has always baffled me. No one has really ever been able to explain why- until i read a wikipedia article on it. Although the nutrality of the article is apparently in dispute, it seems to explain the details a lot better than any actual human being I've ever met. I was in a devotional not too long ago and we were talking about bible study. There were several people present who got really nervous when people talked about using several versions of the bible to study at the same time. They couldn't explain why, but they didn't like the idea of using any version but the KJV.

Shouldn't you be able to explain why?

Speaking of which - I've decided that I should be spending more time in Bible study as part of my New Year's resolutition to be more balanced. I have a lot fo time to myself now and I think that balace will have to include some type of social outlet and more spiritual outlets. Hopefully this will make it possible to get some work done on my book...



Digger said...

Chara! Hi!!! Whats up? I dont understand half of what this entry was about, unless that yjk thingy is an airport code or something. But it doesnt matter. It sounds like you and josh are doing well which is extra marvey. Be well.


luke hartman said...

Howdy Chara!

The KVJ debate is interesting to me. It seems to me that you ought to be able to have a reason for anything you feel dogmatic about.

Glad you had time to think :-)

I didn't know you had a blog until recently. It's kinda neat us cousins can all keep in touch thanks to the wonder that is the internet.