Tuesday, February 21

My new house

So we've got a place to live. You can see it here. We're right next to the RR trax but we're already used to that, aren't we?

It's hard to see the house, but you can back up and see how close it is to the interstate and to the illustrious Bellview Mall! We actually had my (wonderful, helpful, lovely) mother meet the landlady to seal the deal this morning.

I will be working from home for NSN doing everything I currently do, while wearing my bunny slippers! (see my Avatar!)

By the way- yes, Labradoodles can be expensive. Sadly, our new place does not allow pets. My dreams have been dashed. Josh has no choice but to get me a baby. Knowing Josh, this is what it will look like...

FHU's server thinks this baby is porn.

Oh well.



stefanie said...

well, fhu's filters let me see the house, but not the "baby"... they clasified as porn... hmm, chara?

stefanie said...

yay! now i can see it. lol.