Tuesday, February 7


I've had a little crafty bug from looking at links on Laura's blog, lately.
I have especially enjoyed a website called Mypapercrane.com which is the main web page for this awesome women who makes stuffed food. My favorite is the Caluiflower.
My other favorite things are the giant stuffed tampons. They make me laugh. There aren't any pictures of them on her website currently, but this is the toilet paper roll:
I was thinking that when I have kids (someday) I would liekt hem to have toys that are handmade. I hate all the silly plastic gadgets people get thier kids. It seems like a waste to have so much stuff (on the other hand, there is nothing I like more than watching my niece play in her kitchen). I read this book called "Creature comforts" and it was one of thoose coffee table books that doesn't take half an hour to read, but it was interesting to see all the different kinds of blankets and handmade dolls that these people had hung on to for years and years. I liket he idea of being able to make somethig and endow it with my love so my kids have some tangible thing to hold that proves my love for them.

And now- random cuteness:

Can anything be better than my niece? Haydn and I took a nap when I was at home last time. Is there any other child on earth who just goes to sleep when you tell them to? I think not. This only goes to prove that Haydn is indeed completely perfect.

This is ultimately very encouraging. Think how perfect a child coming from Josh and me will be!



Laura and John said...

I thought you'd like My Paper Crane because of the crane story you tell.

John's sister has the toilet paper!

I, too, had a fun visit with Haydn and enjoyed being mistaken for her mother while watching her. :)

stefanie said...

AAAWWWWYWAAAW!! that is by far the cutest picture i have seen in a looong time. and yes, you and josh will have perfect children and they will be spoiled not only by their aunties, but by their redheaded "auntie" stef. =)