Monday, December 12

Good Morning!

Good Morning Anyone who bothers to read this!

It is curently 10:06 and in one hour and nine minute I will be leaving to go to WJHL's news station to help Karen out while she will be on Television at noon- I will not be on camera as far as I know (hooray!), I will simply be the one who makes sure Karen doesn't have anything in her teeth or her skirt tucked into her tights (it is rather cold here today).

I had a good weekend. Josh and I waited until the last minute but we are currently looking for someplace to go next weekend to hang out- as we did last year on our anniversary. I am not sure we will get phone reception where we are going- so don't call. We are looking at somewhere in North Carolina.

We will be leaving here on December 23rd (or 24th- I guess it depends on how early I can get away from work) to go to Nashville for Christmas. I have a week of paid (yay!) vacation before we have to get back.

Please keep Carol and Jack (Josh's parents) in your prayers. They're spending Christmas in Slidell, LA. this year. They have been helping out a church relief effort with the hurricane damage. Our Friend Charles Jones will be joinging them in a few weeks and he will be there until next August. Carol and Jack have been there a while and I believe that they intend to go home at the end of January.

This coming February Josh's brother and new sister-in-law (Heena) will be coming to America for a visit. We haven't met Heena yet, but anyone who can make Matt as happy as he is, must be a wonderful person. I am hoping to start a blanket for them and hope to be done with it by the end of February when they come see us. (Maybe you should pray for me. the biggest blanket I've done was for laura and it was more of a throw. It took me three months.)

Anyway, that's all the news from East Tennessee. Anyone else want to let me know how they're doing?


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Laura and John said...

happy anniversary!

I didn't realize my blanket was the biggest one you made - it seems like you make so many. Anyway I love it love it.