Friday, November 18

Freestyle crochet

This is Goldie- our office baby- and she is laying on a blanket that my boss made. Karen does Freestyle Chrochet where you just chrochet and don't pattern things. Then you just piece it all together to make a blanket that isn't square or anything- usually it's sort of round. I think this is really cool and I want to learn how to do it.


Laura and John said...

Oh, I absolutely love this!

The quilts from Gee's Bend (an exhibit that made it into the Whitney Museum) had some of these qualities, just irregular random assortments, but with some sense of purposeful design by the harmonious combinations of color.

Nanny has an afghan on her couch that she said she made over the years by using up the left over yarn she'd had for years. It is sort of a recorded of all the colors she chose over the years as well as a wink at abstract expressionism.

When I commented on it, she said, See I'm a painter, too.

michele MD said...

That's neat! You should learn and then teach the rest of us ;-).