Saturday, September 24

Remember me?

I have been woefully negligent in the past few weeks about updating my Blig- on the other hand, I got a job and I no longer fear living in a refrigerator box (roomy, though they are). Josh and I are doing well. Not too much is really going on here. Josh is working on his thesis and working two internships- one at the illustious Tri-cities Airport (TRI for all you air traffic controllers) and the other is as The Eastman (as Eastman-kodak is referred to around these here apalachian parts).
I have been working at the National Storytelling Network for a month and a half now. I am organizing a benefit concert to raise money for our grants program, updating the Tellabration! website and our events calendar, as well as coordinating the sale of our online Directory listings. (Check this out! The festival is coming up on the 7-9th of OCtober and then Telabration! is November 19th-20th. Mostly this leaves me pretty busy.
As I posted before, I am doing my first Ladies-Day on November 5th (conveniently between the two aforementioned events) and I am at the Library supposedly working on that right now. I have it mostly planned out, but there is more to do. I am starting to be nervous.
It is still rather hot here. I have been hoping htat it would cool off or rain some. With all the climatic unrest in the Gulf you would think we might get a little percipitation of some kind, but over the last three weeks there has only been a quarter of an inch or so. Really not very nice at all.
My Birthday is Monday- I will be twenty six. That's the same number as letters in the alphabet. The change from my lunch today. The point at which my life is proably a third of the way over. Also, Tara will be twenty six this year- what a coincidence.

It seems I have been far too busy to keep up with other people all that well, lately. Please let me know if anything new is going on in your life- I like to know things...



Anonymous said...

Did you design this blog yoursel? I'll bet it was tough!
I have a health site that pretty much covers health related stuff.

Come and check it out when you get time.

Chara said...

If anyone I know goes to the link fro the site advertised above- you are a booger.


Anonymous said...

Sign up for word verifcation on That makes blog spam much more difficult.

Laura and John said...

hey chara, while i can link your comments pages, i still can't see your main page. John is trying to get them to unblock it though. It'd be easier if you'd just quit with the drugs.

Laura and John said...

yeah, you're unblocked (thanks to IT).

stefanie said...

hehe... did you design it yousel ?? hehehe. =) actually, i can't see the link right now, says the server's down. but i know it's brilliant. love!

Laura and John said...

hey, i'm bored, post something.