Friday, August 19

The Rule of Eight

Okay- all the boys can just roll their eyes at this but this post is about clothes and fashion ( saw that Uncle Richard!) This is SO going to be a story!

My sister (Laura) was telling me about the points system for telling whether you are fashionable or frightening. (Laura please correct me if I am wrong)
1. Every peiece of clothing you wear is considered one point. Shoes, socks, pants, top, each piece of jewelry, etc.
2. For every piece of "trendy," or loud piece of clothing you get an extra point. (for instance, if you are wearing a really bright colored top, a halter top, or a technicolor dream coat- add a point for each)
3. If you are wearing very noticeable make-up, add a point.
4. Your points should average around 8.
5. Storytellers can average around 11.

I spent part of the weekend teaching this to my Dad.



Millie said...

I love it! Millie

stefanie said...

so, the question is, is it GOOD to have alot of points or not? =D

Chara said...

I think the idea is sort of like the game 21- you try to get as close as possible without going over...
You've seen people who obviously went over 8 points- the ones who don't get that you're only supposed to wear one really trendy thing at a time, or they're colorblind...
hee hee

Chara said...

I was thinking that if I ever get me Emily story going I will use this as part of the story...