Wednesday, January 5

New Year- New Semester

Well, the semester is about to start. I guess it's not really about to start for me, though. I will work 10 hours a week but otherwise I am on my own. It feels kind of scary to be really responsible for all your own motivation.
For such a long time I have wanted to be more organized, more self-disciplened, in so many areas of my life. I guess it's time.
I am co-organizing a women's bible study this semester with another girl from church. She's a med student and I am glad to be doing this with her because she always has such great insight. We're not sure what topics we're going to hit on, but we should have it up and going by the 28th.
A lot will happen between now and then. I wil have a performance at Freed. I will have a phone conference with Doug Lipman about the marketing support he's doing. my graduation forms are due a little after that.
There's so much going on.
The truth is that i am nervous about this semester, though. It's sort of a practice run for the rest of my life. I have to get 43 hours of practicum work done between now and May- if I actually get paid for some of that it will be nice but right now it's less important that I get paid than I get work. Maybe this will help me get work in the future- doing free work now. HA HA HA!
Well, that's enough of my vain ramblings.
I hope eveyone is doing well. I'm not even sure who actually reads this sometimes.
It's sort of like I'm sending my thoughts out into the wind and hoping someone actually finds them.


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Anonymous said...

CharaBeth, I have a good feeling about his semester for you. I really do. I look forward to hearing about your growth as an artist, as well as a marketer. I'm really proud of you for striking out this way. I know it seems scary, but I have absolute faith in you.
I love you.