Tuesday, November 30

Holding my breath

Well, I did it. I just signed up to take a 6 month marketing support group with Doug Lipman. I don't know that my application will be accepted, but I sent it anyway.
I am getting mervous about graduating and having no idea what to do next, or how to do it. My independant study proposal was accepted, so sometime next spring I will be doing a major performance with mostly new material, getting my website up and running, and working out all those great marketing things. I need headshots and business cards and . . .

In the mean time I am trying to finish my last three papers, my first two PAYING shows, and my christmas shopping. So until the next week is over I will still be holding my breath....



Laura and John said...

Is this Lipman thing to teach you about marketing yourself and your skills? That sounds like a very valuable thing to learn. When you say "paying" shows, does that mean people pay you? or they just have to pay to see you or what?

Don't be mervous. Your talented and prepared, I'm sure you'll get a great job at the top storytelling job place.

Chara said...

Doug Lipman is a very well known and respected storytelling coach. He is offering a 6 month period of time where he will coach you in marketing yourself to different groups in ways that will be more reflective of who you are and what your storytelling is focused on.
So far there is only one class at ETSU on marketing- it is a one hour course and it lasts one weekend. I don't know how much work it will be or how helpful. I am doing an independent study to prepare myself for all of that stuff, but I feel like ETSU ignores the realistic need for us tobe able to actually get work.
Doug Lipman can take me a step further than a simple class... please pray for this becasue he has to accept me into the program and I haven't heard anything back yet- i probably won't for a week or more.


michele MD said...

Hang in there Chara! I know God has great plans for you and He'll open all the right doors. :o)