Sunday, October 24

home at last

I have been away for the past nine days taking an unexpected trip to Oklahoma. I love going home but not for the reason I have had to go this week. I lost my Aunt Terre last sunday and her funeral was Thursday. All the days have run together and mostly I feel like I stepped into an alternate dimension for a week. There is so much to catch up on here.
I hope no one is diappointed but this will be a very short post. My life has become a tad veclempt (am I spelling that right?).
Perhaps you should talk among yourselves... let me give you a topic: Ten things I really want to accomplish in my life that aren't career goals are...


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Chara said...

I thought maybe I would go first... this is one that I made out whenI was in High school.
1. I want to sing in front of people. (check)
2. I want to someday sew myself a dress.
3. I want to publish a work of fiction.
4. I would like to have a garden and grow fruits and vegetables. (Check)
5. I want to have children.
6. I want to go to Europe. (check)
7. I want to build or remodel a house.