Wednesday, September 8

An Epiphany

Well, I have had quite a bit of trouble posting anything on this blog today... I only hope this will actually post itself this time!

I woke up at 1 AM last night knowing exactly what the last little girl in the story should wish for and I finished it up. I will try to post it on the blog soon.
Basically it is what I knew I would have wished for, but couldn't put into words: I would wish to get to live out one of my favorite books.

The book she gets to live isn't one I really read, it is mostly just a compilation of the Hero's journey, ala Joseph Campbell. It has a call to adventure, a witch, the magical gift, and a prince that the little girl saves- all this in four sentences. Her dissatisfaction comes with the happily ever after part. Real life doesn't have a beginning or an end or a happily ever after. Once an adventure is done we get to move on to another one. She realizes that being a princess and pretending to be a princess are really two very different things.

I really like it so I hope it doesn't come out too symbolic or out of step with the other wishes...
You'll have to let me know.


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Laura and John said...

I don't know if this will work, but here's a pic of the plaid dresses, or at least a link to it.