Who is Chara?

Hmm... Good question.

I am one of four daughters.  The mother to two precious children.  Wife to a wonderful man.

And I'm a storyteller.

I graduated from ETSU's graduate program in storytelling in 2005, because a mother in 2007, and again in 2010.  I'm currently an adjunct professor at Oklahoma Christian University in the communications department, and a SAHM.

This blog started in August of 2004 as a way to keep my family and friends updated about the things that i was learning in graduate school, and as a way to reflect and connect with my own life.  I do not post regularly and sometimes the posts are better than at other times.  Feel free to leave comments (as long as they are respectful) even on old posts.  I like to know that people are reading it, and often what they are thinking.  I've learned a lot from the comments, as well as the process of writing.